How our Whistler Yoga & Wine Holiday went…

Our inaugural Whistler Yoga & Wine Holiday was a sold out event and it went great!  The drive up was nice and easy and as pretty as always.  I checked in and set up the Yoga room which we had to ourselves for the whole weekend.  It overlooked the mountains and the hot tub.  It was pretty as the steam from the hot tub would occasionally rise up and make the mountains look a little foggy.  We had our first Yoga class at 4:15.  We all introduced ourselves.  This trip was all women which was fun!  Most just were wanting a nice little getaway from the families and dogs (puppies).  Some came up with their friends or daughters and some came alone.  Just some “me” time to chill out and relax and not have to worry about anything.  And we did that the whole weekend!

About half the group of us all went out for sushi the first night at Sushi Village.  They never disappoint.  Dinner (and the sake!) was all perfect.  The rest of the group all went out and did their own thing which was totally fine.  Whistler has soooooo many great restaurants.  And I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and have the options to do as little or as much with the group as they’d like to.

I brought 6 bottled scents from my smelling kit to dinner and we played a game where they had to guess what scents they were.  Of course, these are all scents that you might notice when smelling your wines.  So, we were getting a little warmed up for the wine tasting event the next evening.  The winner won a little prize from me.  Some of the gals were quite competitive I have to say!  In a good way.  It made for some good laughs!!  J

Then we finished off the night with the Restorative Yoga class.  I give foot massages, back massages and lots of hands on adjustments throughout the class.  It’s super relaxing and a great way to end off the evening.  Then off to a deep sleep.

The rooms at the Crystal Lodge have all recently been renovated.  They’re just perfect.  Comfy beds, new everything.  I was very pleased and very comfortable.  Everyone agreed.

The next morning we started the day off with a morning Flow Yoga class to get the body warmed up and ready for the big day ahead of us.  Then off to Stonesedge for breakfast.  Eggs benny totally yum!  After that we all went and did different things.  Some of the ladies had massages booked and some had manis and pedis booked.  Some went to the Scandinave Spa.  I went with a few of the ladies to the Argentinian Wine Tasting seminar.  That was very informative and we drank many (12 I think!) different wines.  I couldn’t drink them ALL since I still had to teach the 4:00 Yoga class!  But I did sip each one and wrote down a few faves.

Then a deep stretch Yoga class at 4:00.  Dinner was early at Wild Wood, right in our hotel.  Very delicious.  And then off to the main event!  The Cornucopia Wine Tasting event was FABULOUS!  We had “early entrance” tickets which got us in 45 minutes before most everyone else so no lineups at all!  And we all got champagne and caviar as well.  Such a treat.  It was a beautiful set up inside with so many wines from all over.  And lots of little snacky things in case you needed a little something; olives, cheeses, crackers and a great meat station from one of the local restaurants.  And even when they did let the masses in, the waits weren’t long at all.  Maybe only 2 or 3 people in front of you.  It didn’t seem like too many people which was really nice.  (Sometimes events like these get oversold but this one didn’t).

They had a Liberty liquor store there just outside of the event where you could purchase some of the wines that you liked.  I did buy 6 bottles!  Thank goodness our hotel was only a few minute’s walk away!

A great night’s sleep and one more early morning Yoga class, which surprisingly, almost everyone came to!  We all hugged each other goodbye.  And a few of us went for one more breakfast together.

I did not want to leave Whistler at all!  There were so many more events happening there throughout the week and the next weekend.  Next year for sure we’re going to offer this trip both weekends and it’s very possible I just might stay up there the whole time!

Hope to see you next year.  🙂


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